Be careful who you follow because you never know where they will lead you… (Mark Hancock)

Probably like vast majority of us I was also wondering why young people, sometimes together with their small children decide to travel all the way to Iraq or Syria to join so called Islamic State. To the place in a constant state of war, lead by people who seem to have no mercy towards those, who don’t agree with their ideology. Moreover majority of those young women and men are children of the people who had to leave their own countries fleeing from injustice, violence and cruelty – exactly the same reasons why thousands of Syrians and Iraqis are seeking safety outside their homeland. First reactions to this news were anger and lack of understanding, or even willingness to do so. They must be young, naive and stupid, I thought. But anger and calling them gullible would not bring the answers for any of many questions. And one day my friend showed me a movie, which made me think again – ‘The Wave’ by Dennis Gansel. 

The film is based on true story. In 1967 in Cubberley Senior High School (Palo Alto, California) history teacher Ron Jones decided to make an experiment. 

The group of expupils is still active, but they’ve learned their lesson. 

For anybody who wants to know more here are the links to the official The Wave website:

and to Ron Jones article about the experiment:

Both definitely worth having look at. 


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