Muslims against terrorism 

Who are the terrorists we all know. By now we saw enough, heard enough or even experienced enough of what they are capable and what drives them to do it. 

But what about Muslims who strongly oppose radical views and condemn any kind of violence in the name of religion. 

It wasn’t easy but I found them online. The number of this organisations or individuals is not impressive, unfortunately. But their message is strong. Here are some of them I selected from the others. I found them unique simply because people who speak in front of camera seam to say what they really think. I believe them. 

The first and probably the most known one – Not In My Name

#NotInMyName comes from Active Change Foundation based in East London and was created to give the platform for Muslims to express their solidarity against ISIS. 

Sanasino al Yemen – this young woman doesn’t need a platform to express her views. She created it herself. From her channel I’ve learned that she’s based in London poet and author of video blog. Here are two of her vlogs. Both highly recommended. 

And the last of my favourites. Unfortunately. But it’s amazing. It’s like a wind of change.

Raheel Raza – the author of By The Numbers is born in Pakistan Canadian journalist. Her short documentary is a part of the Clarion Project, a non-profit organisation focuses on “exposing the dangers of Islamist extremism while providing a platform for the voices of moderation and promoting grassroots activism.”


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