A work of art is a scream of freedom (Christo)

In February 2015 Bristolian street artist Banksy made his journey to Gaza. Thanks to his work broader public could see what was left from the city after Israeli operation Protective Edge. Not too many buildings, much more rubble. Yet not only him is trying to make us pay attention to the everyday problems of ordinary Palestinians forced to live in reality of long lasting conflict with its neighbour. In Gaza and West Bank alike, artists use graffiti to spread the news of their generation. It’s divers depending on the author. Far from pleasant and not always beautiful. Its main goal is to make the people think. To disturb their inner peace so they can imagine how it feels not to have it at all.
The first time I came across Palestinian street art was through MOCAtv YouTube Channel. Short movie by Fouad Hindieh and May Odeh features work of Hafez Omar, Areej Mawasi, Hamza Abu Ayyash.

First of the four, Hafez Omar is an author of many murals and posters. His works characterize simplicity, it’s a meaningful art with straight and bold message of omnipresent injustice and hypocrisy.

Palestinian prisoner

Palestinian prisoner

Differently, graffiti by Hamza Abu Ayyash. It’s all about brutality, sadness, longing for freedom.

Mural by Hamza Abu Ayyash and Maher Khatib

And Areej Mawasi, who spread her message using stencils and simple posters, message of hope despite occupation reality.

في أمل – there is hope

But my favourite ones are those three

The wall gave them entirely different meaning…


Banksy in Gaza https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgzyOAqwHjI
MOCAtv short movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2TUivH2oSAo



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