What is wrong with GCC?

None. This is exactly how many refugees accepted rich GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries by the official statistics. Their refusal prompted angry responses on social media from shocked individuals to high ranked activists. In September 2015 Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth tweeted: “It speaks volumes when migrants choose European hostility over fellow Arabs …

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Why not ‘why’ and why ‘when’? Qatar crisis.

   On Monday 5th of June several Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain) followed by Egypt and the Yemen cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, gave its’ citizens two weeks to leave and only 48 hours its’ diplomats to quit. Additionally Gulf countries closed land, sea and air borders isolating tiny peninsula.    The reasons for …

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Sword of Islam and the others

Abu at-Tayyib Ahmad ibn al-Husayn al-Mutanabbi al-Kindi (ابو الطيب احمد بن الحسين المتنبي الكندي) was one of the greatest Arab poets. Nevertheless this post is not about his literary output but his long and difficult to pronounce name and about Arabic names and their meanings in general. Let’s start from brief explanation. Unlike in Europe …

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