Who is Hussain? – an interview

Exactly 2 weeks ago me, Kinga Plata – author of this blog met with an inspiring person. She’s a spokesperson for Who is Hussain? – non-governmental organization, which does really good job not only here in London but around the globe. We talked about their various actions, current events in the world… And here is …

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Sword of Islam and the others

Abu at-Tayyib Ahmad ibn al-Husayn al-Mutanabbi al-Kindi (ابو الطيب احمد بن الحسين المتنبي الكندي) was one of the greatest Arab poets. Nevertheless this post is not about his literary output but his long and difficult to pronounce name and about Arabic names and their meanings in general. Let’s start from brief explanation. Unlike in Europe …

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A work of art is a scream of freedom (Christo)

In February 2015 Bristolian street artist Banksy made his journey to Gaza. Thanks to his work broader public could see what was left from the city after Israeli operation Protective Edge. Not too many buildings, much more rubble. Yet not only him is trying to make us pay attention to the everyday problems of ordinary …

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